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Spanish Horses


For Information on any of the following horses, please contact Rita, and mention MJ or Tailwind Friesians



Andalusians - All Spanish unless stated:

Dakota Valerosa - 2003 Bay S/P mare: Valeroso MHF x salarosa A $7000 (fetlock issue, broodmare only) One of the last produced from an actual granddaughter of Maluso.  She will produce 50% blacks.  Approx. 15.2-.3.

Dakota Princesa 2004 Bay filly: Valeroso MHF x Dakota Condesa $12000.  Princesa is a pretty mare,  pretty mover, but small because she was an orphan.  Dam was 16H though, so size is in the bloodlines.  Will produce 50% black.

Dakota Renata 205 Black filly: Axis/IngratoI x TB Bailarian $24,000  Nice mover super sweet filly.  Dam imported from Tomas Batalla in Costa Rica.  Will mature to 15.2-3

Dakota Reina 2007 Black filly:  Valeroso MHF x TB Bailarina $22,000 Another sweet filly. Nice mover and good build.  Will mature to approx 15.2

Dakota Encantada 2003 Grey filly:  Valeroso MHF x Encantadora II  $22,000.  Beautiful filly.  Very Good mover.  Sweet and friendly.  Will produce 50% black.

Dakota Diego 2004 Grey colt:  DW Companero x DW Conijita $28,000  Very flashy mover, high with lots of extension.  Loads of mane and tail.  Will mature to approx 15.3.  Line bred Caballero, will be prepotent sire, passing on his traits.

Dakota Lucero 2005 Black bay colt:  Axis/Ingrato IX  x  Prima Vera RB  $15,000  A great mover, lots of extension and kneww action.  Suspension.  Well built, great bloodlines, tons of mane and tail.  Will produce 50% black and mature to approx 15.3.

Dakota Destinado 2007 Black colt:  Valeroso MHF x Angelita $29,000  A fabulous colt, great body, wonderful movement and a grandson of Samson.  Will mature approx. 15.3



Dakota Wind Whisper 2001 Buckskin Azteca D mare:  Axis/Ingrato IX x Poquita Lena.  $9000  Very pretty mare.  Smoky color, nice mover, cutting bloodlines from dam and Axis as sire.  Approx 15H

Dakota Wind Esencia  2003 Smokey Black Azteca D mare:  Valeroso MHF x Poquita Lena $6500 Color of a Hershey Bar, gorgeous!  Nice conformation, nice mover.  Approx 15H.  Will produce 50% Buckskin or Palomino.

Dakota Wind Drift  2000 Buckskin and dun Azteca D mare:  DW Companero x Driftwood Abby  $7500 Wonderful mare, nice mover, quiet, doesn't shy.  Broke to ride, very smooth.  great Driftwood lines.  Rare color. Approx 15.2 -.3  Will produce Buckskins and duns.

Rhythm In The Wind  1998 Chestnut Azteca D mare: Florin x Baron Bell Krissy $3500 to approved home only.  she had a bd trainer and has issues.  Nice mare with rare color patterns.  Rabicano birdcatcher spots and BendOR spots.  Very striking mare and extremely unusual Approx 15.3.  Wil produce rare color.

Dakota Moon 200 Bay gelding:  Banbury Samson x Miss Dudes Pepper $6500.  Rare color.  Dark bay with brindle type stipes.  Great moving horse.  Will excel in dressage or English but does well western too.  Broke to ride.  Approx 15.3 and stout built.  Sire's full brother was dressage horse of the year.

Dakota Sombria Wind .  2001 Dark Buckskin mare: Vaquero x Driftwood Abby.  $6500 Azteca A mare.  Nice and stout.  Created to breed back to an Andalusian.  Approx 15.1 - 2

Dakota Spanish Wind 2001 Grey mare: Spanish Ivy and Vaquero $8500 Azteca A mare.  Beautiful and fabulous mover.  Fancy.  Appox 15.1-2

Dakota Traviesa 2006 Bay with chrome Azteca A filly.  Dakota Viento Sauce x Prima vera RB $7500.  Beautiful filly.  Nice mover, sweet and sharp.  Flashy.  High percent andalusian can breed back to Quarter Horse .  fancy Filly will mature approx 15.3

Pajoroita  1997 Black Azteca D mare:  Sevillano V/Escobar x Ima Birdi fitz $6500 Stout jet black mare, broke to ride and started in reining.  Very quick, catty, and responsive.  Approx 14.3 to 15H

Dakota Opereta 2007 buckskin and Dun Azteca A filly: Wind Drift x Vaquero $7500  Extremely nice, pleasant and sensible.  Color of butterscotch with dun markings.  Should mature to 15.2/3 Mujlti National Champion Sire.

Dakota  Caliente 2007 Bay Azteca A filly: Wind Whisper x Vaquero filly.  Bay $5500 She is nicely built and such a character.  A relly nice filly.  Should mature at 15.2 2 Multi National Champioin Sire.

Dakota Wind Walker 2004 Buckskin and Dun Azteca D Stallion: aleroso MHF x Driftwood Abby $8500  He is awaesom!  Very Andalusian looking and loudly marked Dun.  Striking with current long thick mane and tail.  Should mature to Approx 15. to 15.1 H.  will produce dilute colors and duns.

Dakota Sarape 2005 Buckskin Azteca D Stallion:  Valeroso MHF x Driftwood Abby  $5500 The great Driftwood 3 times in his pedigree this is an athlete to be.  he is vry kind and gentle.  Should mature approx 15.2.  Ful lbrother to Wind Walker.

Dakota Mezcalero 2205 Grey Azteca B Stallion: Spanish Ivy x Tesoro $7500. Another son of Tesoro that looks like his sire, great disposition too.  Should mature to 16H.

Dakota Mariachi 2005 Buckskin Azteca D stallion: Valeroso MHF x Poquita Lena Buckskin colt $6500. This is a gorgeous horse.  Buttermild buckskin with striking jet black points.  Fancy and will be talented.  Should mature to 15.2.

Dakota Charrito 2007 Black Bay colt:  Rhythm x Vaquero colt - bay $6500.  Very well built and well bred colt out of Multi National Champion sire.


Spanish Normans:

Dakota Crysania 2001 Black Spanish Norman mare: DW Companero x World C Cary $10,000 Rare Spanish Norman mare and a very nice one.  Sister to Raven.  Approx 16H.

Dakota Beowulf 2007 Black colt: Tesoro x World C Cary $4500 (eye spot) Spanish Norman colt to die for.  Wonderful build, bone, and size.  Mature to 16H +.  This is going to be an incredible Spanish Norman.


Email MJ Bitner for more information